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Recettes veggie ou bio

A small dish for me and a big step for the planet

Eating organic, vegan or vegetarian is more than a choice, it is a real way of life, because consumers turning to this kind of food are looking for a healthier life, but also more responsible.

The proliferation of food scandals, the questioning of the supposed benefits of milk and meat or even the increased sensitivity to animal welfare have in fact pushed the French to turn away from meat products in favor of vegetable proteins.

Foods from organic farming meet standards without pesticides or chemicals harmful to health. If these are regulated in small, limited quantities, they are not harmless to our health or to the environmental balance. The bees so essential to our ecosystems are in danger from pesticides.

Then, organic products generally take the seasons into account and are picked when ripe. Thus, they have more taste and flavors. Cereals are richer in minerals, fiber, less fatty meats … Also, even if this is not a generality, more and more organic producers favor short circuits (for example AMAP) in order to preserve the nutritional qualities of their production, picking at the last moment to guarantee freshness and limit the impact on the environment.

Freeze-dried dishes guarantee the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the ingredients. It is therefore essential to choose them well.

Recettes veggie ou bio

So many reasons that push us to surpass ourselves. We are looking for the best products to cook you good dishes that meet your expectations. At VOYAGER, respect for the environment is rooted in our DNA.

So don’t hesitate to try our Veggie or Organic recipes.

and also...

A small footprint, well suited to trekking ?

VOYAGER freeze-dried dishes are designed to provide all the energy you need at minimum weight.


VOYAGER dishes are easy to prepare, child’s play!

During family outings, VOYAGER adapts and simplifies your life so that your only concern is to share a good meal with your tribe.


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