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A small footprint, well suited to trekking ?

Weight and bulk are major criteria when it comes to filling your backpack. It’s not about overdoing Marie Kondo, here everything you hoard will be to lug around and carry. And if for the first few meters it is easy, over time and with the difference in height, you will drool. The weight of the bag is no small matter. Careful selection must be made on the basis of various elements:

  • The place ⛰ which will influence the topology (difference in level, flat),
  • The climate (tropical, temperate, cold) and the season (spring, summer, autumn, …
    in short, hot or cold implication, risk of rain), find out about the weather forecast ?.
    ⚠️ Hiking in a storm is strongly discouraged (and this does not only concern the mountains). You put yourself in unnecessary danger and the people who will help you.
  • Duration of your trek if you go for 2 days or 10 ⏳.
  • Time range. It is easier to hike in summer because the days are longer, you can afford to stroll a little along the way. The days are shorter in winter. You need to properly distribute your daily mileage to make sure you get to your destination. Just in case, always carry a lamp (the headlamp allows you to illuminate at human height and have your hands free to read a map or pitch the tent.
  • Your size and physical condition ??‍♂️. It is recommended not to exceed 20% of the wearer’s weight.
  • Technical nature of the trek chauds: warm technical clothing against the cold and snow, technical equipment such as crampons or snowshoes for high mountain hikes.

Diet and hydration

A rehydration system and food are among the “must have” regardless of the duration of your hike or trek. They are still far too neglected yet solutions exist to provide you with the nutritional elements necessary for your effort.


Sufficient water is essential for your efforts. If it is appropriate to drink 1.5L of water per day on average for a “sedentary” day then it will be necessary to increase the frequency and the amount of water to be consumed according to the effort and the ambient heat.
An insulated water bottle in the bag with hot water or tea is always appreciated during a break in cold weather.
Filtration systems or micropure type pellets are used during isolated treks.


Energy bars and dried fruits in sufficient quantity for your entire hike. Eat regularly to avoid hypoglycemia and other “fatigue”. VOYAGER freeze-dried dishes will also accompany you. Freeze-drying of the recipe makes the dish very light and can be stored in all conditions (high temperatures, extreme cold). A freeze-dried dish weighs about 4 to 5 times less than a conventional dish, and there is no risk of it going bad. The dishes are mostly reconstituted in hot water, some can also be rehydrated in cold water. Provide the necessary water in your gourd to reconstitute the dish.
VOYAGER recipes are reviewed regularly to also bring you taste and comfort during exercise.
A well-nourished trekker is a trekker ready to take up challenges ??.


VOYAGER and its smart kraft bag ?

The Voyager meal kraft pouch is designed so you can rehydrate the dish right in the pouch and eat without using another container. No plate, no dishes and even no garbage!

Once the Voyager dish is finished, your kraft bag can be cremated in a campfire! Even empty, the Voyager sachet will not be a burden for you.


The essential equipment

  1. Hiking shoes ? adapted to the type of hiking practiced and comfortable,
  2. A backpack ? (do not take a backpack that is too large, you will be tempted to fill it up and weigh it down),
  3. The tent, mattress and sleeping bag adapt to the climate and your size. To walk well you need to be rested. A meat bag may be sufficient for the nights in a refuge with a sleeping bag.
  4. Clothing adapted to the weather ⛄️.
    The principle of 3 stackable layers to stay dry and warm: one layer to wick away perspiration, one layer to provide warmth and one layer to protect against the elements.
  5. Protection and hygiene: solar ? (cap, glasses, sunscreen) and against bad weather ☂️ (windbreaker, waterproof).
    Mosquito repellent and tick tongs can be helpful. A packet of handkerchief or toilet paper (remember to take a bag to put your waste in. Just because PQ is supposedly “biodegradable” does not mean that it should be made into cairns everywhere. marmots will appreciate). Lighter or matches.
  6. Orientation material according to your usage habits: smartphone with cartography, IGN map, compass ?, altimeter, hiking GPS or GPS watch
  7. The first aid kit ?: first aid kit, survival blanket, multifunction knife, headlamp, mobile phone

and also...

VOYAGER dishes are easy to prepare, child’s play!

During family outings, VOYAGER adapts and simplifies your life so that your only concern is to share a good meal with your tribe.


A small dish for me and a big step for the planet

At VOYAGER, we respect your values and your way of consuming. Find our ranges of varied dishes with vegetarian, organic and even vegan recipes.


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